In today's world we are moving away from exchanging phone numbers to connecting on a myriad of social paltforms. We found that this process is cumbersome at best and involves numerous steps that simply should not be there. Intersect is an efficient solution that aims to streamline this interaction.

What it does

A simple scan of a profile's image handle, be it a logo, a face, or your favorite drawing, will allow the user to access all shared social media and connect within a few taps. This way, meeting friends and staying in touch becomes a matter of seconds, and companies can share their array of social media through their logo, wherever it may appear, without any additional cost.

How we built it

We opted for firebase, the NEC API, and an Android App, for these platforms allow for quick protoyping and provide a multitude of valuable features.

Challenges we ran into

We were using the NEC API in a new way, and this, of course, came with a number of challenges. We are happy to say that we were able to resolve them by the end of the competition.

What we learned

We came into this competition with minimal experience on the Android platform, yet we emerged near experts. None of us realized what a great development platform it is beforehand. Furthermore, we are greateful to NEC for providing us with their revolutionary product. We had a blast integrating it into our app and learning it inside and out.

What's next for Intersect

We would like to clean up the interface a little bit and provide a more uniform color scheme, add more social networks to our platform, and create a deeper integration with each to simplify the process even further than it is now.

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