I wanted to make a skill which was fun in a different way. Trying to get your suspect, Jack Apple, to confess to his crime is great fun. There are 10 stages you need to complete, to progress through the story line. The first one is getting him to talk to you without his lawyer.

What it does

The skill seamlessly integrates ISP. I personified the ISP, so you're actually buying "Mack" your detective partner, who will help you with the interrogation. He'll kindly give you a free hint at each stage of the game, but if you want more, you have to pay for the ISP. It is seamlessly integrated throughout the entire game! Also, once you've spent enough time in the game and made some progress, you'll definitely want the ISP!

How I built it

I first build a game engine, which interprets all the dialogs and interactions. Then, I built the actual game logic itself. I used MSSQL for the game structure so it would be fast and easily updated. DynamoDB stores the current settings during the game, too. MSSQL does intensive logging also.

Challenges I ran into

Getting MSSQL to work with ASK was a bit tricky, but I eventually got it!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm super proud of the way I made the ISP seamless in the game. It's just something you'll want to do, instead of a specific decision you have to make!

What I learned

I learned a lot about integrating MSSQL with Alexa!

What's next for Interrogate Jack Apple

I envision many more of this type of "out of the box" voice games!

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