The need to teach healthcare students the skills of interprofessionalism for enhanced patient safety outcome and delivery

Using Amazon sumerian will provide an easy way to deliver the training to the health profession students in a fun and engaging way.

I originally built my training module using Adobe captivate to develop an eLearning module. Then i used amazon Lex to create the voice interaction for the patient and then integrated it into amazon sumerian. Thereby prodiving a one-stop-shop package.

I ran into challenges with the slots creation and the behavior setup in sumerian

I am very excited that i was able to integrate voice interaction in my virtual patient

I learned the skills to develop Browser-based, VR and AI application using Sumerian, and Lex

What's next for Interprofessional Education (IPE) and AI Patient Encounter is to continue working on my development until completion and publish a finished AI Patient encounter and IPE product

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