What’s wrong with Interpreting now?

Imagine arriving at your doctors appointment only to find out that your Arabic speaking interpreter has an unrecognizable dialect to you.

Currently refugees get interpreters assigned to them based on language but this often does not take into account the complexity of language based on dialects and accents.

Only permanent residents and citizens have access to free (Gov sponsored) interpreter services. And un-accredited interpreters formal options to offer their services.

Interpreter services are inflexible, expensive, and inaccessible to refugees unless assisted by agencies like the Red Cross.

The existing framework of matching refugees to interpreters is inefficient and surprisingly problematic.

What's missing?

What’s missing in the industry is an online web platform that connects refugees to interpreters, one that also enables un- accredited interpreters access to work.

By harnessing mobile technology one could improve access to these language services, and so improve the quality of life of thousands of Refugees in their daily lives.

An accessible marketplace for accredited interpreters and anyone speaking a second language would disrupt and grow the existing interpreter services industry.

We are proposing an open online platform that connects refugees with interpreters for any aspect of their lives – a matchmaking marketplace for refugees and interpreters.

What do we do & what's next:

We address an obvious and widespread need in the refugee community – improving access to language services that makes a huge impact on their everyday lives.

Our platform has the potential to disrupt the existing Interpreter industry through the incorporation of ubiquitous technology, and simple innovations.

We are ready to build out our platform and have identified ale sustainable revenue stream.

Any prize money from TechFugees will go towards building out the platform and testing our product.

Our Tech stack:

We are hosting on Amazon's S3 service, Using HTML, CSS, PHP, & Javascript. This is also running on the Wordpress framework.

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