This project is inspired by Pool Together, a lottery without losers. The concept behind Pool Together is for participants to lock a deposit into a pool that will generate interests. Those interests are distributed to the winners of the lottery. The idea behind "InterPool" is to bring an evolution where the winners are not only designated randomly but based on their skills. An easy way to replace the chance factor by the skill factor is to use games. The highest scores will get the rewards coming from the pool generated interests.

InterPool is the second project we developed using this concept of Prize saving protocol, and the idea is to potentially bring it to other fields such as crowdfunding, charities, ...

What it does

It's a Sport Prediction Game with no losers, where the winners share the interests generated by the deposits of all the participants.

How we built it

1) InterPool is live on Goerli (Ehtereum Testnet). Professional third parties will audit the InterPool code prior full deployment on the mainnet.

2) Here are the major key contracts:

  • InterPool ERC20 Token management
  • Pool contract (Interests generation on Aave - Liquidity Provider)
  • Participants predictions saving, Scores, Rankings and Prize distribution
  • Chainlink external oracle integration (in order to get the data from the FIFA World cup 2022, and later on all the next game that we will integrate on the InterPool app)

3) For the Hackathon we have integrated the FIFA World cup as our first prediction game. We will add new and regular prediction games (weekly most probably) for the next update of InterPool.

Challenges we ran into

  • Oracle integration / management / testing (no dummy data available, so tests must be performed with the limited live data available)
  • Score computation, rankings and rewards computation of the participants

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Having a fully operational app, that was a really challenging and ambitious project at the beginning. The interest generated by the project made us really proud. The positive feedback, and support from the community on the forum. Being challenged by the community about the details was also really appreciated.

What we learned

Create a contract based on oracle to get data from out of blockchain. How to use data provider nodes.

What's next for InterPool

  • Conducting third party security audits prior going live on the mainnet added to the road map. ⚠️ If there is any sponsors for this particular matter that would be amazing!
  • Developing the DAO and provide a real decentralized app managed by users
  • Multi chain compatibility / Conversion to TRON
  • Adding new sports / Regular contests

Project conversion to TRON

We are currently competing in the Ecosystem Track, with a strong belief that deploying on various networks will benefit to all the users, as there will be more funds deposited on the protocol. A key advantage on deploying on TRON next, is that the interests rate on USDD is higher than other stablecoins anywhere else (currently 7,11% on JustLend). InterPool prizepool will therefore be higher, it will get more attention, and ultimately more participants.

Update 1: Oracle update. We are currently using Chainlink, as a data provider, and it will have to be updated to Winklink

Update 2: Interest generation. We are currently using Aave as liquidity provider, and we will update it to JustLend


1) Github with all the latest contracts:

2) All contracts URLs on Etherscan:

All these contrats are verified, you can interact directly with from

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posted an update

This video presents how to follow up on your predictions when you are connected with your wallet.

  • you can visualize your predictions (with a color code corresponding to the points you've earned for each game)
  • your current rank / score
  • the overall ranking table, showing positions and scores of all the participants of the current contest.

As the competition did start on November 20th (after the hackathon submission date) we were not able to show the interaction with Chainlink/Enetpulse, our oracle/data provider. So this video is also to highlight the different steps, and interection with our smart contract.

If you want to participate to the second contest coming right after the group phase, you'll have to submit your predictions before the 3rd of december!

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