Been out of development for few years and I always wanted to come back. The Alexa, kids skills Hackathon offered the right opportunity for that. I think "Natural Language Interface" is a disruptive technology and has a huge potential. It is great to be a part of it, and I am excited to be contributing to the Alexa store.

What does the skill do

Interpol Agent is an educational game, where kids are given a mission to solve. The mission is usually an artifact going missing from some museum in the world. (Note: The museum & facts about the artifact mentioned in the mission are real, so kids firstly learn about the world history). 25 different missions are chosen and they start anywhere between Tokyo and New York.

The suspect who steals the artifact, is going from city to city (across the world) trying to sell the artifact and the player has to find the suspect. Arriving at the right city and the right time is how the game is won. As they win, they are given higher ranks. Kids can also train before taking up a mission - the training basically teaches the player about a random city the suspect may visit.

25 Missions, 120 cities , 6 ranks , training, context sensitive help and some cool mp3 music are the key features of the skill.

How is this built?

This is built using Node.JS, Lambda and DynamoDB

Key challenges

I come from a Relational Database System background, so NOSQL database is new and I had to change the way I think when it came to designing the tables in DynamoDB.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I would easily consider, learning and applying DynamoDB as the biggest accomplishment in this project

What I learned

A lot. Voice Architecture, Validation of user input in voice interface, DynamoDB, using intents & slots. I have never used session variable so extensively before. Also learnt that Mona Lisa has an insurance valuation of $800m!

Future of Interpol Agent

I can improve the mission, perhaps double it to 50. And increase Number of cities in the database and also offer additional ranking. In way the skill is open for expansion in all directions.

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