With so many companies and internship opportunities out there, it can be a struggle for students to find the best companies to intern for during their summer breaks.

This internship finder simplifies the process by shortlisting suitable applicants to companies, so companies will be able to notice interns in the application pipeline that they otherwise would miss.

What it does

The platform has two types of users - students and companies.

Students indicate their interests, skills and job preferences. Companies indicate their existing internship opportunities and the skills they want to look for in an intern.

We run an algorithm to find the best matches, which will be displayed in the student's and company's dashboard accordingly.

How I built it

The frontend was built using React, and styled using the Material UI library.

Challenges I ran into


It took us some time before we finalised the features being built and the algorithm required to match interns and companies.

App development

It is the first time we worked with the Material UI library for React, hence we faced a steep learning curve initially.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This idea is novel as it simplifies the process of students applying for internships, which is an essential part of many university education. It matches students with companies quickly, based on the skills and requirements of both parties.

What I learned

As this is the first time the developers in the team worked with a UI/UX designer on the team, the developers have the valuable experience of designing and implementing the project together.

What's next for Internship Finder

Due to the lack of time, we were unable to implement the ranking feature initially planned. The interns can rank the companies based on their own preferences, and likewise for the companies ranking the interns. The interns and companies are then matched using these rankings and the NRMP matching algorithm.

We hope to receive support so that we can further pursue this project as a startup.

Live application link

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT live application Link is at :

Do not use sign up, only use log in.

Username: therealgoogle

Password is google123

As seen in the video, check "student" or "company" before signing in to see the perspective from a student or company.

For now, the data is hardcoded.

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