The inspiration from this project came from the need to manage all job applications in one single place - which many job searching platforms lack. We also wanted to be able to find nearby job openings through geolocation. We often find ourselves not doing a follow up on a job application once sent, either because we forget or because we think that the employers did not contact us because our work is not good enough. Whichever of either reasons, we wanted to give users that little extra push to pursue a follow up on the job application, or if they simply just need a reminder.

What it does

Our app allows users to find nearby jobs catered to their skill sets and interests within a radius and to easily apply through the map pins set accordingly to nearby jobs. The app also allows users to keep track and manage all the job applications within the same spot. The application keeps track of application status, and allows for reminders to be sent for users to follow up on the application.

How I built it

We took some time to decide upon our tech stack and chose MERN for the fullstack javascript experience and great support of its features. The work was split between the frontend and backend, using multiple branches to minimize merge conflicts. We also made sure that we were aware of what components we were working on.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into include the inability to properly set up our working environments, which lead us to spending quite a bit of time trying to get each of our systems up and running to use the MERN stack. Another big challenge was that we planned to use public APIs for the project, which takes a while to get an approval and a key for us to be able to make requests to the public API. This lead us to having to collect our own data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of where the overall end result turned to. Most of the team members were not familiar with React, but came to the conclusion that it would be the most accommodating technology to go with for this case. In this case, Jason was the main person of guidance for this project. We are also proud that we had very good communication between all team members given we are just getting acquainted, which lead us to an overall a great learning experience.

What I learned

We learned quite a bit about React and the MERN stack in general, from setting up the environment to setting up a database to making UI components. We also learned how a real working environment can look like, and how to effectively collaborate and communicate as a team.

What's next for InternPaths

-Extend with the use of the public APIs to pull in resources from several job search platforms to truly manage everything in one place. -Extend with cloud platforms -Expand the UI -Add features such as authentications, transit time to a specific job.

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