Half of the world is still without the internet, so making information accessible is our goal.

What it does

It provides rich web interaction through sms, everything from search, maps to nearby restaurants and uber

How we built it

We used the twilio api to interact with sms, and used the here-maps api to get routing directions. Mapquest api to get nearby places of interest . We have a python server acting as callback for twilio and a nodejs server giving out routes and other resources.

Challenges we ran into

Converting maps to png images turned out to be difficult

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Understanding three vendor api's and implementing a working solution.

What we learned

Mapping api's are complex and need time to understand and comprehend the information.

What's next for internetonsms

We have it running live, we would like to add more features to it so you can do everything through sms. Some of the features include getting news feed, shopping, google search, etc.

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