Children around the world lack the connectivity regions like North America and Western Europe have. This brings about huge information assymetries that cause the region to lag behind in professional and workforce development. Therefore, in an effort to bring internet connectivity and empower people residing in developing regions we are building a dashboard that will allow Development workers on the ground and from abroad monitor the connectivity status of the region they are working with and provide accountability to local Internet Service Provider's and report connection outages.

What it does

Our product enables anyone from around the world to donate Ether. We have integrated Wyre as a fiat on ramp for individuals desiring to donate with their debit card. The Ether goes into a smart contract that is then used to disburse funds to approved Internet Service Providers to pay for the service provided.

In addition, our dashboard will allow Non-Governmental Organization workers on the ground monitor the status of internet connectivity in specific regions across the world, automate the monthly internet payment to ISPs, monitor the general traffic of the sites that presently have internet access, validate the use of internet connectivity ,and enable development workers to have a high level view of internet connectivity. At the same time it enables providers to easily spot regions where they could expand to and provide critical information services by providing them with the necessary infrastructure to access information and prevent the spreading of disease and bring new tech skills to people across the regions served.

Our platform also enables individuals to donate Ether and expand a region's access to the internet and uses Smart Contracts that are connected to internet monitoring script with the data fed through chainlink to execute the Smart contract in case the ISP has breached the contract.

How I built it

We are using Smart Contracts with off-chain data fed through Chainlink into our Smart Contract (enabling execution if certain parameters are met).

We built a server and chrome extension that is able to monitor the internet connectivity of schools using only their IP Address.

Challenges I ran into

Script and server to monitor the internet connectivity GeoMaps JSON Topo JSON Integrating the Smart contract using Chainlink's service as Oracle.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finished the project.

What I learned

People can keep trace of their Crypto donation up to the very end point. That is, donors can see when the Ether they donated is disbursed to ISPs.

What's next for BlockSolid

Add more data visibility features further build out the chrome extension Enable the acceptance of other crypto currencies and swap them to Ether through Kyber Swap and deposit the funds into the smart contract that will disburse to ISPs.


We integrated Chainlink, Formatic, Wyre and developed the project with Unicef's bounty guidelines and in communication with the Unicef team.

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