To maintain large buildings and industrial machinery, it is important to identify chemical/liquid as early as possible. Our system provides a means to autonomously use robots to survey and notify if a leak is detected.


  1. Control panel detects Gas leaks
  2. A robot is dispatched to look for leak
  3. Robot detects and reports leak

What it does

The system uses a combination of an IR camera, Google Cloud AutoML and MQ Gas sensors to detect pipe leaks.

How we built it

We build 3 components:

  • Handheld Thermal cam: Raspberry Pi 3 A+, Adafruit AMG8833, Pimori HyperPixel, Raspberry Pi Camera, Adafruit Boost 1000, Lipo Battery

  • Robot: Elegoo Robot Smart Car Kit

  • Control Panel Kiosk Raspberry Pi and MQ Gass sensors.

What's next for Internet of Tubes

Higher quality IR Camera

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