As an independent project in summer, I decided to make a smart location tracker system that could communicate its location with the user over bluetooth and Wifi as well as communicate with other such devices over WiFi. The Feather BLE module supports both Wifi and Bluetooth and can connect to its custom App. This made it the final choice to go with for the brain of my device. Major challenge was actually an enhanced feature I needed to incorporate which was to make the device solar powered. This would be the major differentiating factor for the product w.r.t. other such products in the market. Finding a really compact solar panel proved to be the major challenge for this product. The project was successfully communicating with the user at the end of summer which was an achievement as far as achieving the functionality is concerned. What lies ahead is incorporating the solar panel successfully to satisfy the size and cost requirements of teh device

Built With

  • arduino
  • feather-ble(arm-cortex-m0-microcontroller)
  • gps-module
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