City municipalities are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of providing their citizens public spaces that are clean, beautiful, functional, digitally connected and ecologically well maintained. Prioritizing green areas has emerged as an effective municipal strategy for increasing health, property value, air quality and community spirit.

Accordingly, Nice, of the French Côte d'Azur, is establishing the municipality as a leading example in providing its citizens green areas and clean public spaces, amongst others relying on innovative Smart solutions.

How it works

Our automated robots can pick up trash from any of the park's trash cans, automatically order new trash bags when necessary, and notify operators when they have broken down from a central command interface. The Internet of Parks project offers Nice an integrated automatized cleaning solution of the city's public spaces, including green areas, relying on automatic cleaning vehicles, running both automatically and interactively with the crowd of the city.

Besides directly providing the city clean and digitally connected public spaces, the solution furthermore promotes a healthier Nice, relying on a public acceptance of the idea of automized and connected vehicles.

APIs Used

  • TM Forum Trouble Tickets API
  • TM Forum Product Catalog API
  • TM Forum Product Ordering API
  • Ericsson Connected Car API
  • IBM Bluemix

What we learned

  • How to quickly deploy and integrate services with Bluemix.
  • How to develop using the TM Forum APIs using JavaScript.
  • How to use Ericsson's APIs to make smart connected vehicles.

What's next for Internet of Parks (IoP)

We hope to connect the IoP system to an app downloadable for the citizens of Nice, so the automatized vehicles can become truly steered by the crowd. Furthermore, future development could add further features for sensors using systems such as Fi-Ware.

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