I am a voracious reader and have accumulated a lot of quotes that I enjoy deeply and wanted a way to share them with others.

What it does

Allows a user to register their mobile number to receive one SMS message a day with a quote. Also allows one to remove their number should you change your mind. Admin is able to choose a random quote of the day from the database, reset the database to allow reuse of quotes, and create new quotes.

How we built it

Backend is built with node and connects to Mongo Atlas database. Front-end is built with Vue.

Challenges we ran into

  • Discovered my use case of Twilio couldn't be done on the front end, so needed to implement a backend solution instead.
  • Had to resolve cors and environmental variable issues.
  • Had never sent form URL encoded data via Axios before. Took a while to work those kinks out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Can reset all of the used quotes to unused with one button click.
  • Able to loop through an array of phone numbers in order to send multiple messages via Twilio with one click.

What we learned

  • Trial version of Twilio is useful but has some serious limitations.
  • After failed attempts in several other projects, finally got .env variables working in Vue.

What's next for Internet Hippo's Quote of the Day

I would like to have it really be in use. But worried about the Twilio costs if it ever got beyond a handful of users.

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