Having ubiquitous, high-speed internet access is something we all take for granted. However, undeveloped countries rely solely on 3G for their internet access, taking advantage of smart phones and other digital devices.

We believe internet access is a has become vital part of human existence. This is especially true with the advent of blockchain based currencies that allow anyone to maintain a "bank account" as long as they have internet access.

What it does

Anyone with a cellphone with a 3G connection can receive an NFT representing a bundle issued by a local internet/3G provider. The holder may redeem the token in exchange for the bundle prescribed in the token metadata.

A charity keeps a lists a select of bundles that can be purchased and distributed to people in need.

With the fortmatic SDK anyone with a smart phone and mobile number can purchase and send the the token into custody of the elected charity. The charity then sends the token to the ethereum account of someone in need.

When they like, the owner of the token may: 1) Redeem the token in order to obtain the services the token represents 2) Sell/give it to another in need

How we built it

Using the SuperRare's token issuance platform, we issued NFTs representing the service bundles, adding the details of the bundle (i.e. amount of data, duration) into the token metadata. We then set them for sale on the platform which generates a signed order for the token.

We used chanterelle to create purescript bindings to the NFT contract and implemented our own purescript bindings to the 0x forwarder contract to easily fill the order.

The halogen UI framework was used for the frontend and pulls data from SuperRare's GraphQL Api.

Challenges we ran into

Challenging to decide which network to use as not all ethereum test nets were support

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Integrating fortmatic
  • getting a working app on the rinkeby test net
  • seeing it work after all the tears and hysteria

What we learned

About the many exciting projects to help ease the UX struggle in developing DApps. (Shout out to fortmatic and 0x)

Each of our team members learned a lot from each other and with other hackathon participants.

What's next for Internet Faucet

The moon!

Built With

  • chanterelle
  • nft
  • purescript
  • solidity
  • superrare
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