We are all like neurons in a giant Internet Brain / Stephen Hawking

Inspired by AI teams at Google (AlphaGo), IBM (Watson), Microsoft who showed that teams structuring problems and automating services can outperform world champions' services.

We questioned if there is a universal format for problems and services that will facilitate finding optimal solutions in any domain. We decided to experiment with a simplified version of graph data structures we experimented with at W3AI / TCP1P Meetups in Toronto, NYC and Halifax.

We chose to implement on the widest available Internet technologies (HTML5, JS, email, spredsheets) in order to build an open market protocol where anyone with an email and office account can define, vote and contribute to solving World's top challenges.

Also got inspiration from recent reverse game theory and genetic algorithms/processes.

To attract kids that already have a gmail/outlook and Suite/Office accounts we build it as a game suitable for classrooms and offices. In a business/professional environment just making the game's ball/messaging invisible will turn the web app into a 'magic' automation tool to save time daily on repetitive tasks.

To maximize access and impact we allow people, business and organizations to use their cloud office accounts to define and store in spreadsheets their own problems/projects and services.

What it does

  1. Students and Professionals register on UGE Community -
  2. Copy UGE Problems and Services spreadsheets templates - (or use links below)
  3. Define their own Problems and Services using the UGE templates and share with their team or the world
  4. Budget their UGE Projects account and define price/terms for their UGE Services
  5. Run the Universal Game Engine on the Problems/Projects they decided to budget
  6. Collect income on the services used in UGE solutions
  7. Pay for the services used in the optimal solutions for their budgeted projects

How we built it

  • UGE Community is a Firebase / Firestore Progressive Web App
  • UGE Game - is a minimal HTML5/JS Agile Project Solver that can search optimal solutions by GA combinations of tens of services

Challenges we ran into

  • Need to learn more Firebase / Firestore / GCP to allow archiving of partial solution trees and index UGE Projects and Services
  • Optimize Mobile/Web Apps to switch between local processing and cloud processing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • simplification of Universal Hilbert-Church-Turing Machine to implement UGE on JS with local/cloud UGE structures

What we learned

  • Need to carefully manage local/cloud resources/budget (memory/processing, etc) on combinatorial GA Problem Solver
  • Tons of cool cloud services: Firebase & Firestore mainly
  • Firestore should allow top solution search speed for Global UGE Teams

What's next for Internet Brain

  • Prepare simple animations to show the UGE Agile/Algorithmic Problem Solving process - for kids & students worldwide
  • Add payments and voting for Services and Projects
  • Build UGE Global Leaderboards for Projects and Services - to allow entrepreneurs and innovators to focus on solutioning top Problems
  • Integrate with other Office / Spreadsheet / Email / Messaging cloud services
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