Being high schoolers interested in STEM subjects we all have a desire to intern at a tech company to learn how the concepts we love learning about are used to build the technologies we use. A challenge we all faced seeking internships was not knowing where to start. Where do companies post job openings? How can we contact interested companies? These challenges inspired INTERNet; the website we created

What it does

High schoolers can register and submit basic information about themselves. Then they can upload a resume that companies can view and fill out skills that they are comfortable. Companies create an account and can upload a job offering they have available. They check off skills that they're looking for and using a matching algorithm written in JavaScript, companies get matched with a potential user.

How I built it

We have a four person group. Two of us worked on frontend, and two on backend. The frontend is comprised of a myriad of HTML, CSS files, and embedded Mathematica web apps. The backend was built using Node.JS and MongoDB. The website is hosted on a local host.

Challenges I ran into

This was our first time using Node.JS and any backend service. Thus, we ran into many errors with post and get requests. Rendering dynamic HTML was hard for us, as we got many errors and exceptions.

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