Love to travel, am passionate about understanding people from different cultures, and their knowledge systems, and hopefully get some wisdom to make use it elsewhere to make the world a better place. Also, extremely interested in the health domain, and how the arena of UX and technology can be used to solve some of the problems of 21st century.


I used ethnography, one of the most effective user research methods for understanding a culture and it's views and needs, if any.

Challenges I ran into

Language and cultural barriers were the most prominent ones, along with some aspects of photography and recording in areas not very fluent in technology. There was also a strong digital divide that I noticed, and though there were balancing factors in the society, it still created data consistency and relevancy problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got comfortable with the local community very fast ( the community was immensely welcoming), and was able to establish rapport and learn a lot of their indigenous knowledge pertinent to my research area.

What I learned

There's a ton of stuff that comes before one should even consider an intervention project in an area, especially if it's foreign to oneself. For similar set of conditions in different areas, the problems might not be the same (might not even exist in some of them), and thus each of these usually require unique solutions.

What's next for International UX Research Project/ Ethnography

The end result from my ethnography allowed me to write a Research proposal. The next steps could be to dig deeper in this are and then follow up with the research on a pertinent and well backed research question.

Built With

  • camera
  • digital-notes
  • evernote
  • voice-recorder
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