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It comes from the rapid growth of global trade and the demand of Digital transformation. With the expansion of global trade scale, traditional trade processes have become complex and cumbersome, and information exchange and coordination among all parties are facing challenges. Based on this background, Sichuan Foreign Comprehensive Cloud Service Technology Co., Ltd. in China has developed an international trade comprehensive service platform, aiming to integrate traders, logistics providers, and financial institutions involved in international trade using the Internet and mobile application technology, and build a convenient and efficient cross-border supply chain comprehensive service platform.

  • The main role of this project.

It provides one-stop trade, logistics, and financial services to achieve efficient, transparent, and low-cost operation of cross-border supply chains. Through the platform, traders can easily find suitable logistics service providers, complete customs declaration, clearance and other procedures, and obtain financial and insurance support. Logistics providers can work closely with traders to provide efficient logistics and transportation services. Financial institutions can provide financial support such as financing and settlement for all parties involved in international trade. By integrating these participants, the international trade comprehensive service platform has simplified and optimized trade processes, improving the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain.

  • The establishment of this project went through a series of steps and challenges.

Firstly, it is necessary to establish a strong technical platform to support information exchange and business processes among all parties. Secondly, it is necessary to cooperate and connect with various traders, logistics providers, and financial institutions to ensure that the platform can meet their needs and be widely applied. At the same time, it is also necessary to cooperate with relevant government departments to ensure that the platform complies with relevant regulations and standards.

  • Achievements we are proud of during the project development process.

It has successfully established a comprehensive service platform that integrates trade, logistics, and finance, and has established cooperative relationships with numerous participants. The launch and application of the platform has provided strong support for the Digital transformation of international trade and contributed to the development of cross-border trade.

  • Through this project, we have learned a lot about international trade and supply chain management. We have a profound understanding of the needs and challenges of traders, logistics providers, and financial institutions, as well as the enormous potential of digital technology in improving trade efficiency and reducing costs.

  • The next step is to improve the project system functions, increase operation and promotion, and provide services to more import and export enterprises.

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Our platform offers comprehensive solutions to support SMEs in participating in global digital trade. Our services include integrated logistics, global procurement, international customs clearance, warehousing, and supply chain financing, etc. By leveraging the advantages of digital technology and big data, we aim to reduce costs and enhance efficiency for SMEs.

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