The inspiration that struck me during the process of thinking of this application is: I wanted to create an application that could be used all over the world. I didn't want to tether my application to specific people or a place.

What it does

The application that I created is a multicultural soundboard that plays different types of music for each country. The user is able to choose their preferred holiday depending on the time of year.

How I built it

I built the application with the MIT Inventor application on amazing Lenovo tablets that were donated to Woodrow Wilson High School this year. This made the process of enabling my idea much more enjoyable and less frustrating than some students who tried to test their applications on their smartphones. The tablet enabled me to do live testing while I was working. If something went wrong, I would know right as it happened.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges included the struggle of having "too many screens" (according to MIT App Inventor). This was the main issue. Another issue was finding the sounds! Of course... this was the main part of the application. A similar issue was trying to find the backgrounds for the different screens so that each country screen would feel welcoming when using the application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I feel that my main accomplishment is just actually finishing the application. I completed my long term goal of creating an application that can be used around the world! Even creating specific sounds for those regions!

What I learned

I learned to have confidence in my abilities, and that when I do something, I should go "all out". I also learned that I shouldn't ever hold back from the things I love to do.

What's next for International Sounds

Due to the time limit for the application development, I didn't incorporate as many countries as I had originally hoped to. In the future, if given the chance, I would aspire to add more countries. This way, even more international people would have the ability to use the application.

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