They inspiration for this project is the fact that I have any artificial heart valve. With this artificial heart valve you always have to get stuck with needles, but I would prefer a finger prick. So instead of me getting stuck with giant needles in the arm, I decide to make something that people like me would want.

What it does

It is used to detect the INR and pt in your blood in an sort of open-source manner.

How I built it

well this is mainly the coding proportion of hack next time I will actual attempt to make the detectors.

Challenges I ran into

I forgot about the other portion of the challenge.I still need to find a slope in which entails looking at the x and y coordinates on a log based graph.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I got so far in this experiment

What I learned

I learned a lot more then I wanted to you about how these test are run on my blood.

What's next for International Normalized Ratio Tester for a pi 2

I learned that that tab limits don't always stay the same way you in vim. I need to learn how to apply a log on log graphing like function within python. An start developing tester for the viscosity and how long it takes to wait clot the blood. Test strips for the test that will be run on the blood.

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