We live in a paradox. Quarantine brings strict spatial constraints to our lives, yet it means that connecting to local friends is as easy as connecting to friends across the globe. Confinement has removed geography from social interaction altogether.

What it does

Interested individuals submit their name and their preferred contact (confidential). The application collects names, and every once in a while performs a random pairing. It then sends an e-mail to the individuals with each other's contact information and they take it from there.

How I built it

No idea! Looking for people to help with platform development. This is largely a solved problem (see e.x.

Challenges I ran into

Challenge we will run into: enabling a smooth interruption of contact if either participant does not feel comfortable. Ensuring safety.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for international crisis buddies

Right now, we are all in the same crisis. I see value in continuing this further in the future, as a platform that can increase global awareness, enabling communication between people on otherwise disconnected walks of life.


I need someone with experience in app development.

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