Each of us like to travel, but in the current situation this become a little bit difficult - many country have some restrictions on entry and special requirements for local citizens and foreign people. We decide to create simple useful application where everyone can see restrictions for all countries in the world or choose origin country from what he going to travel and check restrictions to each other country in the world. Unfortunately many countries have too many COVID risks, so we provide to user travel advice with current information COVID-19 situation by each country.

What it does

This application has really simple and user friendly interface. On the main application screen user can see covid restrictions map for travelers from all over the world. User has usual abilities to work with a map: the map can be zoomed by click on the plus/minus buttons and drag the map by pressing mouse button and moving cursor.

How We built it

We build PWA application using React, Next, FaunaDB, Material UI, React Simple Maps and use Versel auto-deployment.

Challenges We ran into

120+ commits for weekend

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We build useful MVP PWA application in very short terms

What We learned

We are learned how to work with FaunaDB, how to how to use Versel with GitHub, hot wo manage releases on GitHub.

What's next for International COVID Sensitive Travel Map

Our plan for the feature version of the application is to increase count of sources to provide the most recent and comprehensive information to the user. And the most important thing that we would like to implement is the repatriation flight schedule and onboarding rules.

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