Intelligent 911 Requests & Reporting Mobile and Web App

Entry for The Unite For Humanity Hackathon, United Nations, NYC 16 July 2016


This was the idea suggested by Ryan Letts of the Department of Defense during Saturday night.

What it does

The solution consists of two parts: The smartphone app and the control web site.

The smartphone app allows three different requests to be sent with location data, a text message and a picture. The request will be sent to a central user team by tag type and can then be forward to local authorities. The request tags current consist of Police, Fire, or Medical.

The app also allows for a "I Saw Something" anonymous message also with location data, a text message and a picture. This message is also routed to a security team/account. It is anticipated that machine learning can be used in the future to prioritize the security pictures to allow events to be handled in real-time.

The control web site can be used for any of the tag team types: Police, Fire, Medical or Security.

How we built it

This mobile application was built with the sweet Ionic Framework (Angular.js/JavaScript/CSS/HTML5) and uses the Google FireBase service for authentication and cloud data storage.

Live Demos

Apple iPhone and any Android smartphones (or tablets) can run the mobile Int911 app from the free Ionic View app (available on "the App stores"), using the preview code: 64a280d7

And the latest APK for Android phones can be found here:

Live control web app version of Int911can be found here:

What's next for Intelligent 911

Who knows . . .


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