Upon many hours of discussion we decided to maker a game and integrate it with alexa. since the theme of the hack is star wars and we all like Dungeons and Dragons we decided to combine the two. Later we decided to add Alexa to the control panel for the dungeon master.

What it does

A basic rpg represented with 2.5d graphics when a user moves around a map though a subset of rooms. Rooms can contain enemies, treasures or obsitcles in rooms and must collect the the treasures and kill the enemies without dieing first.

How I built it

With Java. Our lead developer Ryan W. Build the majority of the game with myself and Will M. Building the outscirts.


I ran into The main challenge of this was to get a working game within the time limit. Another problem we had was getting the echo to work within the department.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to make a basic form of the game.

What I learned

many things.

What's next for InternalServerError

Built With

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