Do you hate:

  • Filling out long forms
  • Losing recruitment emails
  • Waiting months for a reply

When applying to internships? So do we, so we're here to change that.

What intern.ship offers

  • An intuitive interface to quickly apply for internships First page
  • Complete coding challenges with our built in code editor! Second page
  • Connect and chat with recruiters! Third Page
  • Confetti! Party Face

How is intern.ship built?

  • Utilising modern languages and frameworks, the front-end is a beautiful material design in React.
  • Using websockets for seamless data connections and live chat, the Golang backend acts as a central server for messages, notification and data.

Challenges we ran into

Polluting the CSS style namespace and accidentally changing the margin of every single element (sorry guys)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The beautiful frontpage!
  • The working code editor!
  • The websocket live interaction!

What we learned

  • Good UI design is hard
  • Golang is a nice language to work with

What's next for Intern.ship

  • Off to the investors!

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