Night of the Ad Eaters is a popular cinema event in Paris - it's an evening where only adverts are shown. It's now expanding all over the World - people love to see great adverts. But you aren't seeing many adverts, you all have ad blockers, and you don't watch broadcast TV!

We can help...

What it does

Intermission entertains you keep you up to date with popular culture by showing you adverts without the annoying TV programmes!

You can also pay to watch with our VIP seats, and you can relax in our rest room. We've also got you covered if your boss happens along whist you are taking a break...

How we built it

We're using ember.js and Go for the backend. We're running on Upcloud servers.

Challenges we ran into

Video players and beautiful layout are damn tricky to get right.

What's next for Intermission

Intermission has a built in business model, and we envisage sites with great writing could include our technology to allow people to pay them by watching advertising.

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