Our approach is very Patient-centric, and we really want to build Health equity by leveraging Community Healthcare Workers and available technology.

Need Statement: There is a huge gap between supply and demand in the healthcare system(WHO reference). As a result, most of the patients often struggle to get initial triaging done as symptoms occur, and they live without treatment for a long time, until their condition goes worse. The inconvenience of reaching out to a doctor, at times, makes patients ignore initial symptoms of major health issues. It impacts both the patients and healthcare professionals not only physically but also mentally. Having access to an affordable interim healthcare consultation platform would definitely help them to get initial triaging done without any care delay, and it would eventually improve their total health and wellness.

Problem: We have identified a problem of not having an interim healthcare system to provide immediate and interim assistance to patients without delaying their care, and reducing their anxiety on a daily basis, especially during a pandemic or post-pandemic crisis.

Population: Anyone who is having symptoms, waiting for care, or needs post-care during recovery, or just needs some consultation is impacted by not having this system in place, especially in developing countries where the healthcare system is not structured and accessible for everyone. As every second person is dealing with some kind of health and wellness issue in his/her daily lives e.g., get some consultation of mental health problems, PTSD, or get in touch with a dietitian or nutritionist to understand diet plans after a surgery.

Outcome: To build a community platform for reducing Patients anxiety by giving them quicker access to healthcare professionals (Community Health Workers, Psychologists, Physicists, Physiotherapists, Nutientist, Dietitian, Chiropractors, Consultants) to improve total health and wellness by providing them expert advice to assuage their care delivery. We will enable a system to integrate all the patients needing care in the specific areas & all the community health workers to provide appropriate advice and consultations. We plan to design a user interface that will make people share their minor health issues without much inconvenience (diagnosing major health issues at the initial stage). Our system will provide remote consultations with health care professionals via virtual visit and eVisit.


  • Patients: Ongoing total health support, getting throughout the consultation
  • Community Health Workers: Becoming part of a bigger healthcare solution, directly helping and impacting patient care, serving a middleman between patients and physicians
  • Providers: Backlog reduction, having the flexibility to give attention to urgent surgical need, less burn-out

References: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvZnrDtw_sU https://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2013/health-workforce-shortage/en/ https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/nursing-and-health-professions/health-auxiliary

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