As motivated language learners, we aspired to create an app that enhances the language learning experience and refines language skills. We created, Interface, an IOS app that takes text from popular foreign language articles for users to read. Currently, Interface offers articles in Chinese, Spanish, French, and Swedish.

Although the user of Interface may have been learning a particular language for multiple years, it is inevitable that they will come across a word that is not in their personal vocabulary. With interface, the user can scroll over the unknown vocabulary word, and in return, Interface gives the English definition. However even if a vocabulary word is rendered, the user won’t necessarily remember the word. To solve this problem, we aspired to use Quizlet to help the user memorize their new vocabulary. When a word is scrolled over to identify a particular definition, Interface inserts it into a Quizlet flashcard. This not only optimizes the language learning experience by storing unknown vocabulary words together, but also allows the user to use memory games and techniques offered by Quizlet to enhance learning.

In the future, we hope to add more languages to Interface and implement new studying methods using the vocabulary words.

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