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The Last Survival - Vihorlat edition; is a computer game in which the player is in a post-apocalyptic environment full of zombies and radiation. The goal is to collect important materials and survive.


To get an exam in the subject Game development and also we want to make the world a better place <3

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Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges was to find out what we will do. How to make it done easily and fast. Also we are trying to develop 3D game for the very first time...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that it is playable in this version. We are also proud of how we collaborate together, because everybody did something.

What we learned

We have increased our skills with game development. Also we find out how to be more collaborative. There are also thing we learned from each other:

  • Making 3D games in Unity
  • Easily find right assets
  • How to crash Git

Genre & Publisher

  • Game type: Survival
  • Game genre: 3D - Third person view survival game
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows
  • Game mode: Singleplayer
  • Release Date: 29.4.2022
  • Country of origin: Slovak republic
  • Availability: Freeware
  • Publishers: The Electronic fArts

The Electonic fArts is a group of students from TUKE who are determined to take the computer game development exam.


  • the development of the game took only one week
  • the result is the work of only 4 people
  • 3D post-apocalyptic game
  • The game can expand over time in several directions


It started one day in late May.. TUKE students had just taken exams and were so tired that they gradually became soulless bodies. After a few months, they became zombies and infected the whole world. Now it is your job to survive in this new world. And the only safe place, far enough from everything is... Vihorlat


The rules of the game and the player's control are pretty simple - the player moves around the map with the task of getting to the shelter, while having the opportunity to collect different types of things on the map, such as collecting the plants for later use in the manufacture of elixirs, or healing himself from the attacks. During the game, the player is haunted by zombies, which deal damage to the player when in contact with the player - the player should try to avoid them. Various unevennesses of the map and texture, such as trees, buildings, various destroyed objects, should help the player in the escape.

Radiation has been added to the game - the player has the opportunity to watch the radiation bar; A Geiger-Müller computer that shows him what radiation he is exposed to. The radiation is emitted by inconspicuous-looking stones - the closer the player is to them, the more radiation he is exposed to. High doses of radiation take away health points from the player. The game thus becomes a bit more challenging compared to escaping from zombies, the player must also pay attention to this fact.

The aim of the game is to collect all the plants placed on the map, avoid chasing zombies, not to be exposed to dangerous radiation and get to the goal - a shelter with the collected plants.

Are you sure that you will survive in this new world? Gl & hf...


Little Johnny 12 years old.

  • character: extrovert, likes singleplayer games, likes apocalyptic environments and zombies
  • favorite games: Tomb raider, Dead rising , Death by daylight, Dead Space, Fallout, Stalker
  • family and life: Johnny is an only child, he lives in a complete family.
  • favorite activities: Playing games, likes catchers, picking mushrooms

When I grow up - I will work in a nuclear power plant.

Johnny is a young gamer with a big heart. He wants the world to be a better place, so he wants the safety of the human race in this world to be in his own hands. He would like to work in a nuclear power plant because he knows that in the future he will rely only on him.

In the case of an apocalypse, he saves money in a piggy bank to buy a shelter.

What's next for

This game has great potential for the future. Here are some plugins we would like to give to next versions:

  • Adding guns, that we could kill zombies
  • Adding story, first it will be needed to find plants, next to create potion, healing zombies and together stop radiation
  • If shower is needed, zombies will run to you from a bigger distance.
  • Adding own assets
  • Creating own house, which will be asylum for the player
  • Finding food, things for building houses, guns or other weapons, friends…
  • Upgrading asylum (adding walls, pets, chests, shower, toilet…)
  • Adding new skins for player
  • Adding new clothes for character
  • and many many more...

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