New trader of all age lose money on their first investment and experienced traders pray on these targets. We want to fix that. So we invent Interest Invest, a web app that supports decision-making of aspiring investors. Our group came up with an idea to help inexperienced people invest in the profitable stock by providing information about the stock's details, market price history, assets, and more. The goal of our project was to make the UI simple and easy to use. In order to accomplish this feat, we have incorporated HTML, CSS, and Javascript to our website. This is because it is accessible from any device and everyone knew these languages beforehand. The reason why we wanted to solve this issue is because most newcomers of all age lose money in the stock market and their lives savings could be dependent on it. With this tools, people will become familiarized with the stock market and hopefully feel more confident in their investment decisions. As we started building this website, we did run into a couple problems. Most of our problems were backend issues such as trouble with hosting, incorporation of Django, and finishing the project on time. But we did overcome these challenges by using several databases and improving team chemistry. Overall, our group worked well together and each team member played a vital role in building this website.

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