The simplicity of customer communication using Intercom is fantastic. With the press of a button anyone can contact you. No email, no login and no account required. Simply type your message. But wouldn't it be nice to combine this simplicity with the power of a sophisticated issue tracker like JIRA?

Meet Intercom for JIRA.

What it does

Quickly connect your JIRA or JIRA Service Desk project to any Intercom app with a single click.

Empower your customer service team to provide excellent customer communication by linking JIRA issues to Intercom conversations. Updates on issues can trigger re-opening of closed Intercom conversations so your team knows instantly when it's time to get back to the customer.

For prefect integration with your JIRA project workflow we provide a workflow post function to send a notification to a Intercom conversation on issue transitions. Optionally you can re-open closed conversations when the post function runs.

Intercom for JIRA can also match an Issue Reporter's email against Intercom Users and Leads when viewing an issue of a connected project. Matches will show up automatically, next to your Issue data.

Should your process require to switch to Intercom matched Users or Leads are just a click away.

Additionally, keep Intercom up to date by creating a User or Lead from an unmatched JIRA Issue Reporter.

How I built it

Intercom for JIRA is built using Scala for the backend and Typescript/React and AtlasKit for the frontend.

The backend is based on a self-made open-source implementation of Atlassian Connect using Scala Play framework:

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Having a super smooth integration between two very popular systems
  • Scala-based modular Atlassian Connect implementation, heavily inspired by atlassian-connect-spring-boot

What I learned

  • Using AtlasKit, React and Typescript for modular, type-safe front-end code
  • Dealing with API inconsistencies (mainly Intercom) and finding ways to manage them

What's next for Intercom for JIRA

There is a long list of features, waiting to be implemented to give Intercom for JIRA super powers. Next, we would also like to bring Intercom conversations into JIRA.

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