Hello and welcome to the first app that let you create interactive drawings with your pen. We can create new project / open one of the existing projects and create new sketch. We can adjust pen parameters or activate WILL mode to support pressure sensitive stylus.

Now you can create drawing a later on make parts of it "clickabe". We can create something we call "clickable area" and just link it to other sketch page. This way we can quickly build a network of inter-connected pages that user can navigate in various ways. The mechanism is simple but very powerful.

First of all we can quickly prototype new clickable app interfaces. Here are some other examples:

  • mind map that unfolds depending on where you tap,
  • playable quiz game sketch created within minutes,
  • interactive children storybook or...
  • interactive Birthday card. That can be quite original way to tell best wishes to someone you love.

Inspired ? Then grab a pen and help us to discover new great application areas for this app !

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