The motivation to learn new languages and expose ourselves to new challenges

What it does

It provides a unique way of viewing details on the resume by clicking on different parts of the resume. The aim of the resume modifications that we were planning on implementing was to help the employer locate information that he considers important in a faster manner than the regular resume. We also wanted to help the applicant/employee demonstrate or emphasize certain skills and details which he feels are important

How we built it

We started off with an HTML base, then slowly incorporated various aspects of CSS, javascript, and json. Our process started with an outline on paper after a thorough brainstorming session. After we had our details written down on paper we analyzed and discussed the possible tools we may need in order to have a final product which is similar to what we had envisioned. After that, we searched for languages which could be used to help us reach our final goal. After doing this research and consulting some mentors as well as other hackers, we watched numerous YouTube videos and read several forums and tutorials online to help guide us through the new languages. Very slowly, we added features to our web page which slowly started to look like what we had in mind. The sources of those features varied from CSS, to javascript, to json.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we were a team of 5 members who planned on creating a home security solution. After spending hours understanding the true strength and the various applications of the image recognition API provided to us, and after we spent hours trying to configure an arduino connected spy camera, we realized that the solution we had in mind would not be automated and would not function the way we wanted it to. As a result, we decided to pivot our idea. We spent hours trying to come up with an alternative plan and eventually at around 10:30pm, we began brainstorming for the interactive resume idea. Running on only two hours of sleep, we faced many obstacles along the way: from downloading the appropriate software, to syntax errors, to having an incorrect output. Not only that, but we tried to balance the work on three different and new programming languages to us after a very long and exhausting day. Despite putting our maximum effort into the project, our final solution does not reflect the full capacity of what we initially had in mind.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are mostly proud of the amount of new information that we were able to learn in a very short period of time considering the fact that we started at around midnight and considering we had to pivot from a previous idea with less team members. Furthermore, the problems and barriers we were constantly running into pushed us to search, find, learn, and try many new concepts which we believe truly added to the feeling of accomplishment.

What we learned

We learned that there are many powerful tools out there that we are not aware of. With enough practice, we can take advantage of these tools to create something that could change the way we deal with certain things in our everyday lives.

What's next for Interactive Resume

My teammate and I definitely need to spend more time learning the languages used in the project. After we develop a deeper understanding of these languages, we can make some serious modifications in order for the final project to look and function the way we want it to.

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