An interactive application between patient, nurse and medical administration staff to improve patient satisfaction scores. Based on the results of the NYP 2013 Press Ganey Survey, we designed an application that will allow patients to submit their feedback in real time so that medical care team could take immediate action and improve the quality of their stay.

Current Process

Data from 2013 NYP Press Ganey results showed that 41% of patients scored meals negatively during their stay.
Meals: Total: 3103 Positive: 1101 – 35% Negative: 1269 – 41% Mixed: 211 – 7% Neutral: 522 – 17%

Similar results for room temperature, noise level, and direct access to care team were also reported. These are the types of issues that can easily be addressed with Patient Feedback System, where they can submit the feedback or request with couple of taps and Notify Nurse about it so they can take action on it.

How will this application improve current issues?

Benefits for patients:

• Allows patients to be engaged in the quality of care during their stay and gives them the opportunity to be heard.

• Personalized care.

• Patients also gets the opportunity to send likes to the nurse for their services.

Benefits for Nurse/medical administration staff:

• Highly organized and efficient form of tracking patients desires/requests during their stay.

• Motivational tool for nurses. They will get real time feedback from patients by receiving ‘thank you’s/likes. This will motivate them to provide even greater customer service.

• They get real time notification or can see the queue to see patient requests or problems and fix them. It improves the productivity, saves time and gets the solution faster.

• Administration staff can monitor the overall satisfaction of the patients’ or by Unit, By Nurse. Displays Unit stats for PCD's to monitor and ensure all patients have been attended to.

• By tracking the difference between request submission time and response time, the performance of the Unit or Nurse can be calculated.(future item for current project)

• By all collected stats, Admin can find out the bottleneck on specific request type, performance of specific nurse, Problem on specific location. For example: if there temperature request for same unit patients then possibly Heater equipment could me malfunctioning.

Hospital benefits:

• Patient satisfaction is a key agenda item for hospitals in post Affordable Care Act environment. The department of Health and Human services bases 30 percent of Medicare reimbursement on HCAHPS scores.

Assumption and Future Enhancements

• Log in for each roles has to be implemented based on the current Hospital workflow and security methods. Also, sign out has not been added on screens.

• For Patients screens, Currently App provides the following aspects: Food, Room Temperature, Entertainment, Room cleaning service, Lighting, custom request. More requests can be added for example: Noise level, Education, etc.

• Admin will have ability to send message to nurse referring to patient and follow up to take action on it.


Invision URL:

Add the icon on the home screen by visiting above URL and then in mobile browser select “Add to home screen”.

This Invision demo is prepared for Mobile device size only.

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