We a student is first beginning to learn how to code, the process of cloning the project, getting it to compile and solving dependencies is overly complex and gets in the way of learning. We wanted to make it super simple for students to learn and try code by playing around with GitHub projects live in their browsers, without needing to worry about frustrating setup processes. We made a chrome extension that allows students to edit GitHub markdown ReadMe files and code examples right in their browsers and allows them to run and evaluate the application directly.

One of our most impressive features is the ability to run not only client-side code in the browser, but also server side code (python, ruby, node, java, etc) and even full Android applications. We set up a sophisticated CoreOS cluster on DigitalOcean to support live streaming of Android mobile applications via an highly optimized VNC dynamic reverse proxy directly to a web canvas. This streaming works on both desktop and mobile devices. We also set up a build process in docker to allow the running of numerous languages on a generic backend platform written in Go.

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