Inspiration: on scratch internet, I found a project called "Interactive Kitchen" and I liked the idea of an interactive little world.

What it does: you click on the arrow keys and it will take you to other places. there are a couple of interactive things in each place.

How we built it: I just scrolled through the code blocks testing different codes and I somehow made this.

Challenges we ran into: I couldn't get why I can't use "If backdrop [name]= ", but then I figured out that it wasn't for this purpose.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: I've never made an interactive world before, so I'm pretty proud of my first one.

What we learned: I learned that the futuristic world would probably be very high-tech that humans might all go unemployed, and enjoy things without worry or anxiety.

What's next for Interactive future world: I'm probably going to add "your house" and "your room" and maybe even a garden, and many more interactive objects

Built With

  • scratch
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