We were inspired to help students decide on what engineering stream to go into in a fun way.

It gives you a set of questions and has visual answers for you to pick. We have an algorithm that will give you three fields that you should pursue based on your answers.

We used Unity and chose C# as our scripting language. We used a locked (x and z axis) camera to create a 3D visual experience where you will be able to view all the answers by essentially turning the camera.

We had to arrange all the answers in a 3D space so it was quite difficult to arrange everything probably so the camera would only see that answer at that degree. It was also quite difficult to find the objects to represent the answers. Coding wise it was not very difficult, we did make a silly mistake where we had a function and class as the same name. It took a long time to find the silly mistake since we were so tired.

We're proud that we created what we intended in terms of functionality. There's a lot of content missing for the answers, but you are able to tell what stream you should go in.

We were able to review C# programming and we learned how difficult 3D positioning is.

Add more content for the answers and maybe mobile.


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