We wanted to experiment with casting what we see to other devices, and the idea to distort it and turn it into a demonstration device came out of this.

What it does

It takes the image out of a camera, displays it through a VR headset to the user. The image can be distorted to the viewers preferences

How we built it

Using a Samsung galaxy Note 5 hooked up to a Samsung Galaxy Gear VR headset, we developed an app for the phone which can take camera input and displays it for VR viewing. The app then communicates to a AWS server which controls what kind of distortions are triggered by the app. The AWS server can be controlled from any device as well. Along with this the phone can also live stream to Twitch which has a python bot also running on the AWS server allowing viewers to change what the user is seeing.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the camera feed into separate parts of the screen to support VR as well making it fast enough to maintain immersion. It was also tough to find a solution to cast the image to twitch

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completely finishing the project, finding a way to include the community, and having a ridiculous amount of fun using it.

What we learned

VR is a fun tool to use that does have some real world applications

What's next for Interaction Distortion Goggles

Depth Perception

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