We wanted something that not only saves people money, but also saves the planet by reducing food waste. I personally have been struggling to figure out what I can do with the little ingredients that I have in my kitchen. I try to use up as many of my ingredients as I can so I can make the most out of them, and prevent the food from being neglected by my lack of diversity in cooking.

What it does

What this does is it allows the user to log all the items in their pantry. They can search it up, and the website keeps the items in memory to search for recipes that works with the items they have.

How I built it

For the aesthetics, we used Adobe Xd to get a baseline of what the website should look like. As for its functionality, we used glitch. The languages we used were html, css, and javascript.

Challenges I ran into

This was all of our first SLOHack event, so we definitely quality for the beginner group with 100% beginners. We were aware that there are so many different types of foods and ways in which we can make one recipe like broccoli cheddar soup. We also knew that people would want to have some cultural foods and choices on the recipes. That was an obstacle that we will work on in the future. Additionally, we were having a language barrier since this required 3 languages. Thankfully, we worked as a team and contributed our own diverse strengths into solving this language barrier problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the teamwork. We really utilized our diverse range of skills into this project and everyone contributed equally. I am also proud that my idea came into play, and everyone was on board and working to make it more efficient and better for users.

What I learned

Personally, I have actually never used glitch and Adobe Xd before. I also learned that the aesthetics of a website is almost an equivalent amount of work as the coding (I say almost because the coding part is the most complex part).

What's next for Interactive Cookbook

The Interactive Cookbook will definitely need to be updated with a diverse range of ingredients and recipes, especially in a cultural context. We hope that the people who use it will find it useful and meaningful.

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