In this hackathon we want to do a web project because both of us want to learn about that. So we though that a game in Twitter where every user can play would be a good challenge for us.

What it does

It simulates the interactions between 4 cities. One of this is controlled by twitter users. For every event, users can send a twit with the hashtag #cityYes or #cityNo. The game does what the users send more.

Every city has its own statistics (money, people and army), if one of this values reaches 0 the city is destroyed. The events happen every 15 minutes. They are randomly generated.

How we built it

We built it using web languages. html, css, node.js, etc... Also we used Twitter API to interact with users and the web page.

Challenges we ran into

Use web technologies that we never used before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that it actually works XD. (not 100% finished, there are some cities that doesn't interact with others. For time reasons).

What we learned

We learned web technologies and use the twitter API.

What's next for Interactive City (Twitter game)

Finish the game with all the cities and see how the users play that. Will see if they are able to survive ;).

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