Waiting in the line in Universal is the least fun part of the parks. Let's add some fun to it by providing easy to access augmented reality games. I like to kick balls in real world aka football where I am coming from, so I consider it could be nice to play at it from your smartphone creating virtual balls which could interact with the environment. The advantage of my application is that does not require more than your own smartphone to start having fun. Sometimes the use of more immerse technologies can be bulky and most probable would not apply for people waiting in the line. This prototype was built under a very limited time and can be extended with many levels, more graphics, a better gameplay, etc.

The prototype draws holes in a planar surface and with your smartphone you have to aim at these holes and get the balls in. But wait... you could maybe be surprised once you hit the hole. You have a limited number of balls and your points are shown on screen.

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