This is pretty powerful click and play style of tool to help you create interactive and non-linear articles.

Article is composed of boards. Each board can be a piece of text or images. But we can also create buttons to introduce any kind of navigation between article boards making also non-linear paths. Buttons can be assigned different actions like moving you to different place in an article, showing popup or playing a sound. You can also add boards with maps and markers assigning also dedicated behaviors to them. This way you can present various things like display places or history events with reference to the maps so that readers can see exactly what happened. Apart from popups you may use clickable areas to make part of the images clickable !

This way we have pretty powerful that can have many application in hands of talented editors. Normally you would require some kind of programming skills to create different paths and interactive buttons and maps within the article. With our app is very simple with drag & drop mechanism.

Project is published in GitHub. Our general content creation tool is a strong foundation and can be easily extended by new modules. So for instance 3rd party developers may create timeline component and make it draggable and usable on the boards along with images, texts, sounds and maps.

You can publish articles to everyone or send invitations privately.

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