Inspiration was to create a better interactive experience using more exciting 3d graphics and CG special effects just like in games that we could all enjoy and that can better communicate how you feel and what you are thinking during a stream.

What it does

The first ever interactive 360 WebVR experience on Twitch that amaze and delight streamers and viewers when engaging with your channel.

Streamers are able to use provided default 360 templates or create and use their own unique 360 video and or image WebVR templates to use on their channel. Templates allow for text, images, videos, sound, 3d models and animations. Also, streamers are able to create using their own special effects.

Streamers can then display Interactive 360 video or image experiences on their channels that viewers can interact with and express themselves by selecting available CG special effects to communicate how they feel or what they think.

No more using emoticons, stickers, mojis, gifs to express yourself. Instead viewers communicate using computer generated (CG) special effects such as fire balls, rain drops, snow & sand storms, explosions, etc to communicate with the Streamer and other viewers what they think and how they feel about a specific action/stream. Over 60 special effects available and more are being added.

How we built it

We built a WebVR Editor that is able to generate 360 HTML pages as well as 360 videos using React and Three.Js. The WebVR editor allows you to quickly and easily create 360 web scenes and experiences in a few minutes. These scenes are then made available in the extension for streamers to use either as transparent scenes or non transparent scenes. The extension itself was built using a few of AWS services such as S3 and Dynamodb.

Challenges we ran into

A boat load of issues such as how best to create interactivity in the already interactive 360 scene we were providing with the extension. It was exciting though as we enjoyed solving all of the issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Been the first ever to introduce WebVR and 360 videos and images to the Twitch community.

What we learned

Never give up. Everything can be done. There is always a solution to every problem. Deadlines are your best friends.

What's next for Interactive 360

Improvements to the extension like with the introduction of Bits to it.

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