In this life, People Communicates, Interacts to do businesses,Employers interacting with Employees, Customers interacting with Sellers, Lecturers with Students to share ideas, family discussions,Doctors interacting with Patients and Caregivers etc. To make interactions more easier than ever we have created a platform called Interactions

Note: This application is still in its development phase and has not been completed yet. They are many more features to be Integrated...

Okay, Its time to Interact. Interaction is an instant real-time messaging system that provides near or remote one to one and one to many group or Team chat conferencing, SMS and Email messaging System. it has diverse of applications.

Lecturers & Students Interaction:
Interactions has made communications more easier than ever. Students and Lecturers can now interacts with one another on educational purposes. Shares Digital Files,Photos, Quizzess, Assignments, Lectures and educates one another etc via one to one Chat and One to Many Chat,SMS and Email Conferencing System, all in real-time.

Doctors & Patients Interactions
Doctors and Patients Communication is now awesome. Doctors, Patients and their respective CareGiver can now have one to one as well as one to many(Conferencing) Chat interaction to educate one another, solve medical issues and treatment. They can Share Medical files in the form of X-RAY Scanned Data, Lab Results, Digital photos all in real-time....

Employer & Employee Interaction...
Communication between Employer, Employee and their respective customers has been easier than ever. They can have one to one chat communication, Group Conferencing Chat communication and can communicate remotely with Digital files sharing options. All in real-time...

Technology Used

Building a Real-Time Messaging & Communication System requires Full Duplex Technology that can allow sending and receiving of rich text messages simultaneously. This will help to prevent Server Timely data call for updates, reduces Sever-load and latency while optimizing Server Performance.
This app was built using PHP, NodeJs AND Socket.IO

Features Already Integrated

What's next for Interactions

1.)Introduction of Video and Audio Calls
2.)Digital Whiteboard Sessions(For Live Conferencing)
3.)Message Propagation Via SMS if the recipient is Offline
4.)Porting the app to Android & IOS and Creation of an extension to Google Chrome and Mozilla Browser...
5.) Many More.......

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