As a current high school student and after contacting various other high school and middle school students, the main issue I came across was that these students were complaining about being unable to play games with their friends, and the majority of fun online games were very costly and too competitive, whereas they would prefer games that were more interactive with each other over a call.

What it does

On Interact, we solve this problem directly by allowing users to create video calls and play games, watch movies, or even study, all on one platform.

How I built it

I built the initial site using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I built the 2 demo games using java. The video chat API I was using was

Challenges I ran into

I couldn't get the java programs to run on an HTML website and be synced during a call over multiple devices. There were also problems with video chat connecting and being organized on the HTML site. We tried various APIs, but eventually ran out of time in trying to implement it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing the 2 games took a lot of times and effort and is the most interesting part of the project, even though they weren't implemented into the website properly, they still functioned amazingly.

What's next for Interact

In the future, we hope to fix the problems we faced, add more games, as well as add a feature to watch movies in sync.

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