Countless number of doubts go unattended each day in many classrooms just because some students are too shy to raise their voice and ask a question or maybe because they think it is a poor question to ask. In most cases, the students just forget about these doubts and this affects them pretty bad in the long run. I can tell you this because, this happened to us and it still does. So with this app we intend to solve this problem and increase interaction among the students in the classroom and hopefully even beyond the classroom. Our main idea is to connect all the students sitting in a class with each other and with the teacher. The students can then listen to the lecture and if a doubt arises, they can post their question using the app. Using a real time database, we update every other user in that course with this new data. The teacher can then answer that question either verbally or type into the app itself as an answer for that question. Students who might have a better answer can also type in their view. This ensures active participation of everyone sitting in the class.
We have used Google Firebase for backend services like authentication and realtime data storage and retrieval. Since all of the features we used from Firebase are entirely free, the cost of implementation is nil. Although this is our primary goal, we have not limited ourselves to just this idea. We can further expand this app by adding other course related material to it, like lecture handouts, assignments etc. Since almost every student owns a smart phone these days, we hope that this app would revolutionize the way students interact in a classroom. They could get their doubts clarified in the classroom itself, and even revisit them whenever they want to. The teacher also gets an idea about the how well students in the class can understand his way of teaching and proceed accordingly. Future scope: In a utopian world this app would be perfect, but we don't live in such a world. We have students who would try to misuse their anonymity and try to post irrelevant questions. To avoid this, we would give the instructor of the course, the option to view the user who posted something, if needed.

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