We wanted to make it easier for users to complete Interac e-Transfers using popular Google and Amazon voice assistants.

What it does

Takes spoken Interac e-Transfer commands and processes them using the public Interac e-Transfer API.

How we built it

Created an Action on Google using Dialogflow, created an Alexa skill using AWS.

Challenges we ran into

Encountered issues during Interac API setup and acquiring keys. We were initially unable to perform external API calls from Firebase to Interac, before upgrading our plan.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing our first project using node.js and JavaScript, and learning as much as we did

What we learned

How to code in node.js and JavaScript. How to make external API calls from Firebase Cloud Functions.

What's next for Interac Home

Adding ability to send money (currently only requests for money are supported by the Interac API), adding and saving contacts (rather than just one-time request recipients).

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