The inspiration behind Inter-Linked came from the need to enhance the safety and convenience of cross-chain token transfers. People end up sending funds/tokens to the wrong /unintended address because they didn't check the receiver address or due to some virus/malware. Hence, it's important to have an escrow service as a tool which can be used to make day to day fund transfers We aim to provide users with a seamless solution to transfer ERC20 tokens between accounts across different chains/networks while maintaining control over their funds.

What it does

Inter-Linked is a Chrome extension that enables users to securely transfer ERC20 tokens from one chain/network to another. It leverages a smart contract to hold funds until they are claimed by the intended recipient. If the recipient doesn't claim the funds or if the sender realizes they made a mistake, transactions can be easily reverted, ensuring the safe retrieval of funds.

How we built it

We built Inter-Linked using a combination of technologies, including Solidity for smart contract development, the Axelar network for cross-chain interoperability, and the Chrome extension framework for the user interface.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into various challenges like enabling contracts to receive funds from another chain, designing and making the interface user friendly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud about accomplishing the desired functionality well within the intended time-frame

What we learned

We learned various things like using Axelar and how their General Message Passing/Send Messages with Tokens can be utilized

What's next for Inter-Linked

We plan to further expand the features and functionalities of our project. This includes adding support for additional networks, enhancing security features, and integrating more tokens

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