Initial brainstorming

What it does

Intent Wizard prototype for Slack.

1. Suggesting adding words where necessary.
2. Suggesting removing or replacing words where necessary.
3. Suggesting a change in overall style/tonality.

Feature list:
/iw - Calling for Intent Wizard. Is used in front of a message.
Buttons - Alternatives offered by Intent Wizard. Buttons appear after pressing enter.
Emojis - Buttons offer also emoji responses where appropriate.
When the user chooses a button the message is finally sent to the channel for others to read.

How we built it

Non-tech: Getting new team members on board. Multiple brainstorming sessions on Skype. Setting up workflow on global hackathon Slack channel. Dividing team by roles.
Non-Tech: Survey to understand depth of the problem and to collect examples from real life. Survey was shared on Global hackathon ask-community channel, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Non-Tech: Curated example cases (simple phrases) for matching badly worded triggers with well-worded alternatives. Intents in well-worded alternatives are based on life experience.
Tech: Python, Node.js, PHP, Slack, Pandas, Bottle, PickleDB, Google Drive API, brains. Will add: Nltk, Numpy, Scipy, CvxOpt, Word Mover's Distance (WMD), Word Embedding.

Challenges we ran into

Slack provided us with 7 different passwords one of which was partially correct one :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team: Hard-working, dedicated, professionals with 10+ years of collective experience in psychology, marketing, software engineering (development, architectures), writing, UX design.
Impact: Empowers people working from home, especially amid COVID19, avoiding time lost on communication ping-pong. Enables getting things off your mind/chest fast without overthinking on your side and without dragging or insulting the other side.

What we learned

Our survey run during the hackathon proved the importance of the product:

What's next for Intent Wizard

Communication pipeline consists of:
1. What you say.
2. What you mean.
3. How the other person interprets it.
4. How the other person feels.
5. How the other person behaves.

Goals by input:
Minimize time on problem #1 - Reduce communication overhead.

Goals by output:
Maximize coherence by #2 - Get intent across the fastest and to the point..
Minimize arousal on #4 - Avoid insulting other team members.
Minimize confusion by #4 and #5 - Avoid waiting until silence boils stress for too long.
Minimize inefficiency on #5 - Letting person A speak their mind fast and to-the-point without killing person B’s motivation to act and learn. Getting problems off the chest quickly. Getting ideas on the table fast (especially in a crisis situation).

Target audience:
Teams who use communication channels while working on the same project remotely.
Working with (new) clients from different cultural backgrounds.
New employees joining an existing organization.

Full project report

Can be accessed here:

Intent Wizard prototype download

Our prototype can be installed from here:
Or directly using this button:
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